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Mission Design Simulator

Preliminary mission analysis tools

Combine multi-body dynamics with accurate orbital mechanics to simulate complex missions

Mission analysis in real-time with time scale settings to speed up or slow down the simulation

Change your scenario parameters and see the results straight away

Highly accurate orbit propagation using the Orekit space dynamics library

Space Robotics and Navigation

Tools that facilitate robotic space mission design

  • Run navigation and robotics algorithms in real-time
  • Multi-body dynamics simulations with orbital mechanics
  • Modular instruments for simulating GNC scenarios
  • User friendly interface for quick prototyping
  • SITL and HITL simulations enabled via language agnostic API
  • Flexible dynamics integration

Integration with MATLAB and Simulink

Connect MATLAB scripts and Simulink models to a dedicated 3D space simulations environment

Test end-to-end performance with realistic physics

Visualize Simulink models in 3D

Run MATLAB scripts

Use MATLAB plotting tools

MDS Matlab Simulink integration

MDS Baker

Generate synthetic image datasets for various space mission scenarios

  • Quickly generate image sets and associated labels for model training
  • Easily adjust generated scenario parameters through an intuitive UI

Deep Learning and Computer Vision applications

Train and test vision based autonomous systems for space operations

True scale visually accurate celestial bodies creating a representative environment

Dynamic lighting in simulation scenarios with modeled optics parameters such as FOV and camera distortions

Ray tracing for advanced optical accuracy

Run real-time inference for testing the trained models

A comprehensive tool

Seamless integration into existing development and testing pipelines

  • 3D Model importer/exporter
  • JSON configuration files (orbits, instruments, robotics)
  • Mission scenario ephemerides export
  • Language agnostic API for effective integration into existing pipelines for SITL and HITL simulations