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Blackswan Space completes an early prototype version of its autonomous navigation system

Blackswan Space team has successfully developed and tested a prototype navigation system for satellites that will enable small satellite mission integrators and operators to have autonomous navigation on board.

The growing space industry segments of in-orbit operations combined with the growing small satellite market calls for innovative solutions enabling satellites to navigate, rendezvous, and dock with each other.

Blackswan Space is looking forward to continue working with our partners developing autonomous navigation capabilities in space and the prototype built and tested during this project will serve as a cornerstone enabling the commercialization of state-of-art technologies. We would like to thank the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology in Lithuania (MITA) for funding this innovative work through the “inostartas” funding instrument for startups.

Lithuanian Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) project “inostartas” to develop a prototype autonomous navigation system for small satellites (contract no. 01.2.1-MITA-T-852-01-0083).