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Blackswan Space signs a contract with the European Space Agency for Mission Design Simulator (MDS)

The contract is titled Mission Design Simulator (MDS) for Active Debris Removal (ADR), contract number 4000129951. The company has secured its first ESA contract with the goal to develop a simulations platform for active debris removal missions. Work will commence shortly and over the next 10 months, we expect to build the first version of a real-time capable photo-realistic platform with the ability to accurately simulate ADR and other complex space missions. 

“This is an important stepping stone for the company as we develop our autonomous software suite. MDS will help us and our customers to more easily and effectively design and test complex space missions in a comprehensive real-time simulations environment reducing costs and potential errors”, noted Mr. Marius Klimavičius, CEO of Blackswan Space.

We look forward to working with the agency in facilitating active debris removal missions using state-of-art software technologies.